Dive in to release version 1.9.0.

We're thrilled to release the latest version of Southern Lights: v.1.9.0. This marks another step on our journey of continuous improvements, shaped by the valuable feedback from our users. 

New features

Knowledge Base for Electrolyzer

Understanding the technical data for electrolyzers can be challenging. We have now included information buttons on the inputs and data on the electrolyzer page to help you navigate and choose electrolyzer easier. We are continuously building this 

Hydrogen compressor

You can now add a hydrogen compressor to your electrolyzer plan. This allows you to go from low pressure hydrogen from an electrolyzer to the higher pressure typically needed for storing or transporting hydrogen. The power consumption of the compressor is taken from the same power sources as the electrolyzer, which means that hydrogen production is also affected by adding a compressor. 

Ammonia production

Projects can now include ammonia production as an additional step after hydrogen production. Under the page “Downstream processes” you can add an ammonia production plant with a few inputs. Note that the ammonia plant currently assumes a dedicated grid connection for the energy required.

New Sales page: Selling Electricity, Hydrogen and Ammonia

Hydrogen projects can become more profitable when including several different revenues streams. That’s why we now allow your projects to sell Electricity, Hydrogen and Ammonia - all at once. You can set the demand and price for each product to capture the type of sales contracts that your project has. You can even include more than one sales connection for each product sold to make the best use of the production you have. The new graphs for revenues also make it easier to get a quick overview of the revenues of the project.

Minor fixes:

Changes affecting your designs

In this release, we have greatly improved the options for defining sales revenues, offering new flexibility in adding sales of several different products (energy, hydrogen and ammonia). This update requires you to re-simulate your designs to continue working on them.

This upgrade has also forced us to remove the option of "Match LCOH" for hydrogen selling price. You will get notified of this change when opening a design that is affected. Read the instructions and please reach out if you experience any issues.

We'd like to hear from you

We're excited for you to explore these updates and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any ideas, questions or need additional support, please contact our support team.

Also, check out our blog which contains more articles and learning resources that are helpful for hydrogen project development.

To get more updates and tutorials, have a look at our onboarding materials folder for more resources to get you started.