Southern Lights v.1.0.0 - Product Release Notes

Release Date: 2023-11-20

It is with immense excitement that we announce the launch of Southern Lights v. 1.0.0, a new chapter in our software's evolution, meticulously crafted with insights and feedback from our invaluable users like you. This is our first release note for the new product and serves as a starting point for the logging of our continuous development. More detailed tutorials and learning will come out in the following weeks.

New Features at a glance:

  • Greater Flexibility with Multiple Power Sources: Now integrate a mix of energy sources (for example off-grid configurations or grid+renewables), providing diverse options for powering your electrolyzer plants.
  • Multiple Step-by-Step Simulation Types: Benefit from the new workflow of running stepwise simulations to gain insights throughout the project design process.
  • Simulation-Based Optimization Framework: Automatically calculate the most profitable or efficient configurations, minimizing costs like LCOH or maximizing output and sales. Now available for finding the optimal electrolyzer plant size and the optimal sizing of a power source.
  • Enriched Electrolyzer Catalog: Explore a wider range of electrolyzer options, reflecting the latest advancements and industry expertise.
  • Expanded Business Model Options: Tailor your project with more choices in the sales of hydrogen to represent your commercial structure and production goals accurately.

Feature Specifics:

  • Results are now presented in the “quick results bar” on the right side, to give quick insights that inform your next step in the design process. Full results are always available by extending the results window.
  • Improved cash flow statement from the financial models.
  • Exporting simulation results is now available when a design has been completed. This allows you to export your data as CSV or JSON in yearly, monthly, or daily time resolution.
  • Duplicate designs now allow you to make a copy of any of your favorite designs.
  • Multiple power sources now allow you to independently define their prices (in currency/MWh). The costs associated with each power source are presented.
  • When defining “Yearly change rate [%/year]” for the energy provided by a power source you can now specify both increases (positive values) as well as decreases (negative values) in the available power over time.

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